The English League - set 15

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The English League  -  Set 15




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Regulamin Konkursu


1. Who is an MP?


a. a military pilot

b. a masculine person

c. a member of parliament

( 1 point )


2. How many provinces are there in Canada?

    Which province is the largest?


( 2 points)


3. Ask questions about the underlined parts of the following sentences:


a. Maggie will probably arrive later.

b. Jason bought two kilos of oranges in the morning.

c. They spend summer holidays in the mountains every year.

( 3 points)


4. Find four idioms which mean very happy:


- buzzing

- behind the times

- over the moon

- in seventh heaven

- chase rainbows

- daredevil

- on cloud nine

( 4 points)


5.Choose the best possibilities:


a. Jessie and Mina look alike. They must/ can’t be twins.

b. This is your notebook. Can you give me my/mine?

c. I invited / was invited to Martin’s party.

d. My brothers’ / brother’s favourite sport is basketball. They play it every afternoon.

e. We have to protect endangered / dangerous animals.

( 5 points)